Who should you call for when you need carbon monoxide testing done in Melbourne, VIC? DnB Plumbing and Maintenance service all of Melbourne and we can make sure your home is safe. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a silent killer and without question is one of the most common safety issues in homes in Australia.

What is Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless poisonous gas produced as a by product of burning fossil fuels. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless poison gas that can be fatal when inhaled. The dangers of CO are something every home owner that has a gas heater should be aware of. CO inhibits the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen, and can be produced when burning fuels such as gasoline, propane, natural gas, oil or wood. CO is the product of incomplete combustion. If you have fire, you have CO.Fortunately, we can come to you anywhere in Melbourne and test your home for the presence of this gas and offer you the right solution to make your home safe.

Where may I find Carbon Monoxide in my home?

Any fuel-burning appliance that you have in your home that is malfunctioning or improperly installed could be producing Carbon Monoxide.

  • Furnaces, gas range/stove, gas clothes dryer, water heater, ducted heaters, portable fuel-burning space heaters, fireplaces
  • Cars, generators and other combustion engines running in your garage.
  • Blocked chimney’s or flue.

What can I do to prevent Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning?

The only safe way to detect CO in your home is with a CO alarm or to get your house professionally tested by an experienced and qualified plumbing and maintenance expert. You should have your heating system, vents, chimney and flue inspected by a qualified technician at least once every year. You can also do regularly checks yourself by checking that all the vents and chimneys in your house do not have improper connections, visible rust or stains.

How can I get my home tested?

All Gas Heater Services and Repairs Done by DNB Plumbing & Maintenance will have a carbon Monoxide Test done to make sure the Unit is safe and the reading will be documented on the invoice of the work done. DnB Plumbing and Maintenance can come to you anywhere in Melbourne and have our experienced technician do a check on all your gas furnaces. This will include cleaning, testing combustion, proper exhaust venting, looking at heat exchange for any cracks that would allow carbon monoxide in the house and other misc checks. Call us on 0438 377 755 or fill out our online enquiry form to arrange a booking.


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